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Works 9

Unlike other works, Opus,Harry Winston Opus 11
, like day and night, the ninth part of the series was created by watchmaker Jean-Marc Wiederrecht and designer Eric Giroud - both of whom often continue to work with Büsser.

Based on the hand-wound Frédéric Piguet movement, Wiederrecht created two powerful chains with Harry Winston stones to display time and minutes in a linear fashion - the chain on the right is set with rectangular cut diamonds and a single garnet. Hours, the left chain is set with the same gem constellation showing minutes. The effect is as clean as the regulator.

Giroud incorporates this innovation into a fun and luxurious white gold case made of curved sapphire crystal.

In the 2009 Geneva Watch Grand Prix, this watch won the “Design Watch” award.

Profile of Opus Nine
Case: 56 x 48 x 20 mm, white gold
Movement: automatic Frédéric Piguet base movement, greatly modified by Wiederrecht, 72-hour power reserve
Function: linear hours and minutes

Opus 10 / Opus X.

Harry Winston's Opus series mens luxury watches cheap tenth anniversary celebration was celebrated in collaboration with a watchmaker whose name was not yet popular in watchmaking languages: Jean-Fran?oisMojon and his company Chronode worked behind the scenes as a sophisticated developer.

In addition, Opus X is indeed a very spectacular complex feature - until someone sees it in action, that's it.

The synchronous rotation of the disk replaces the traditional fixed pointer. Mounted on a rotating frame, complete a full rotation in 24 hours, each slightly tilted sub-dial (hours, minutes, seconds, second time zone / 24 hours display) rotates in its own sphere to ensure the direction remains Not in any position.

The hand-wound movement looks almost like a miniature solar system, equipped with a planetary gear train: the display is located on individual satellite gears that orbit the center wheel.Bell & Ross AeroGT Orange BR 03-94

Quick Facts Opus Ten
Case: 46 mm, white gold
Movement: manual winding movement, 72-hour power reserve
Function: hour, minute, second installed on the rotating platform; second time zone / 24 hour display, back linear power reserve indication


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