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 Pranešimo tema: I will concur EVE is similar to OSRS
StandartinėParašytas: 2020 03 11, 8:56 
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Užsiregistravo: 2020 03 11, 6:50
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Miestas: Megaomgchen
I will concur EVE is similar to OSRS but it appears EVE is going downhill fast. Problems that plague osrs are currently happening in EVE. Vs pve audience is crowded by pvp. Edit you can join pandemic and brave but they are only great at teaching of enjoying the game you 1 manner. I think a whole lot of people become used to buy RuneScape gold the noob corp hand holding and never branch out into other locations or they never learn to become better person pilots.

OSRS is the only MMO I keep coming back to consistently. It is great. You just do whatever you feel like doing, into content that is particular with no railroading. Feel like slaying a few monsters? Do it. Feel like cutting trees farming, mining ore, crafting things, or anything you want to? Do this. You're able to train whatever ability you need whenever you want. You set your personal goals. I have been enjoying since 2005 and I really don't see this changing.

I like both OSRS as well as the new one, the gameplay is easy enough but there's a great deal of content and you are not limited in what you can do since you can level everything. The only other MMORPG which are at the same level for me are WoW and ESO, what else suck.Just ask yourself when playing if you are getting more fun than not-fun (you know, for me that would be bossing vs skilling) once I had more time available I didn't care, I could play 8 hrs a day, but now with a much more limited time program I needed to pull the plug on osrs, the ammount of not-fun minutes required for the fun moments to even start were only too many.

On the other hand, it built a lot of resilience, levelling slayer, smithing, mining, wc, etc places to shame any idea of"grinding" in other games, such as playing for 2 hrs you get tons of gold at GW2 (do this for a week or two and you end up in a complete set of top tier armor) or do daily roulettes for many times in a row (requiring possibly 3 hrs per day) and you'll jump degrees in virtually no time in FFXIV so in a feeling, while also getting enough money for gearing up several courses. Osrs helped by putting them into 14, me appreciate my time in different MMOs. Everything becomes preference ofc, I regrettably enjoyed few things in runescape, such as pvp minigames (Soul Wars any1?) And bossing, which come in the later cycle of your progression, as opposed to best osrs gp site skilling and questing which you will do for a long time.

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